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Kirsty Wagstaffe is an artist and PhD student, whose artwork is concerned with the subconscious and the soul. Through the tangible medium of photography she attempts to visualise and share the experiences and emotions that haunt us all on a daily basis.

Her research is taken from psychology and dreams and explores methodologies of active imagination and visualising elements that cannot be easily verbally explained.

Kirsty uses metaphor and symbolism from dreams and psychology to try to create an environment where universal expression can be experienced and shared. It is hoped that through these images, a deeper understanding of the human condition is accessible. 

Although Kirsty uses predominantly photography, she also creates images through painting, drawing, animation and film where necessary. 

In addition to her personal work, Kirsty works as an art, photography and design lecturer over a range of ages and levels. 

Kirsty lives with her cats and works in Northamptonshire

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